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Welcome to DragonWare LLC and The DMX Chart®

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The professional lighting industry is highly fragmented, and rampant with inefficiencies.
It is way over due for a large-scale technological disruption.
Welcome to just that!

Introducing The DMX CHART!

with its massive error checking capabilities!

Not in the production stage!

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The DMX Chart

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Do more of what you love to do - Create Error Free!

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Includes lifetime upgrades for FREE!

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Simply AMAZING Tools to build AWESOME shows!

Includes lifetime upgrades for FREE!

Why Choose DragonWare? The Best? The DMX Chart? The Best?

There's nothing to download, and nothing you have to install. All updates are immediately available to everyone!

Pay as you go. Use The DMX Chart as often as it fits your needs. One month, 3 months, or for years.

All of your show data will be kept in a cloud on our servers, and maintained thru all inactivity, or until you decide to delete your accounts with DragonWare; for a period of 2 years after your inactivity, or account deletion. This means that you data will be available to you when you return and resubscribe within the 2 year period.

An interactive Channel Check which reports problem channels directly to the Work Notes Tab. Just hit the report problem when highlighting the channel from the interactive channel check and The DMX Chart will automatically fill in the channels data (Position, Channel number, dimmer number, and show name)into the Work notes. All you have to do is describe the problem. Once you finish the note the DMX Chart will return you back to the Channel Check - exactly where you left off!

Edit channel and dimmer numbers directly on the Fixture Type Schedule, and its updated everywhere within the chart.

No more calculators, and no more overlapping DMX address. The DMX Chart® takes the math out of the equation.

Get a complete color coded visual of all allocated data, both DMX Controlled Fixture Types and Conventional Fixture Types, within each universe thru The DMX Used Tab.

Discrete line shading for multiple show data.

The Fixture Type Parameters Library, The Custom Scroll Library, The Conventional Gobo Library, The Conventional Color Library, The Library of Custom Gobo's for Moving Lights, and The Library of Moving Light Wheels

Define who can see your charts data, define who can edit them, and define who can only view the data. All updates you make to anything in your charts, are immediately available to your Crew.

Make all of your updates immediately available to you and your crew, no matter where they are, or what operating system they are using. Mac, Windows, Android, or iOs. Just go to DragonWareApps.com and sign in. It's really that simple!

Customizable and editable drop down menus for input selections, which has deletable defaults. The chart remembers these for every new chart created by your company.

Keep it all together within The DMX Chart® with Lighting Que Sheets, Spotlight Que Sheets, Deck Electricians Que Sheets, Focus Charts, Vendor/Rental Gear lists, and every type of paperwork you could imagine to print. All at your fingertips!

All instrument data fields are imported from Vectorworks Spotlight. The DMX Chart will error check the Vectorworks data before it allows it into your company chart. You will be given the chance to correct the errors in a spreadsheet and re-import them back into The DMX Chart!

We take requests! Do you want The DMX Chart to do something it's not currently doing? Simply send us an email, call us, or enter in a ticket through the DragonWare Support Center.

Over 60 detailed step by step youtube help video files!

Downloadable and printable detailed manuals, and workbooks.

Awesome support from The DragonWare Team! We are here for you! Just call, email, or send us a support ticket! 24/7

Do more of what you love to do - Create Error Free!

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We thrive on making The DMX Chart the most complete and trusted database in the lighting industry!